It’s very easy to apply. Please follow these steps.

Required Documents

  • Filled application form
  • scanned study documents like GCSE, A-level, Scottish Higher, Irish Leaving, French High school certificates, diplomas- A2 level or final year students please e-mail a confirmation from the school with predicted grades
  • short CV
  • scanned passport / the main page/
  • scanned passport sized photo

    B.Sc degree holders who would like to transfer their credits and would like to get exemptions:

  • On the application form please tick the transfer section
  • additionally scan and e-mail your degree, transcript
  • e-mail detailed course description or syllabus or bulletin in pdf format.
  • these documents have to be submitted by the 30th of June otherwise no exemption will be given

    If you need further information about the course or the application procedure feel free to contact me

    tel: +36 30 978 1199

  • Further useful information

    All the applicants need to take an Entrance Examination.

    Our University conducts Entrance Examinations in several countries throughout the world, and also in Debrecen, Hungary.

    Please feel free to contact me for examination dates in your country.

    Required Educational Qualifications

    Applicants can be admitted into the English program of the Medical School of the University of Debrecen if they meet the entrance examination requirements in the following subjects: Biology and Physics or Chemistry.

    The language of the entrance examination/interview is English..

    Minimum requirements: A-level, Irish Leaving Cert., High school diploma etc…. / min. 12 years of study /

    Those students, who are not fluent in English, or those who do not perform adequately at the Entrance Examination can be admitted into the Pre-Medical/Basic Medicine course.

    Application deadline is 30th of May each year / transfer request deadline 30th of June /

    Entrance exam details:

    It consist of a Written and an Oral exam.

    Written tests (multiple-choice questions, definitions, calculations, etc…….):
  • Biology
  • Chemistry or Physics: if your chosen subject is Chemistry, essentially the test will contain questions from Chemistry, and you will have to answer only a few basic level Physics questions, and vice versa.

    Each tests will take 30 minutes.

    Oral exam focus on 2 subjects: compulsory from Biology and the 2nd subject can be chose from Chemistry or Physics.

    If the result of the applicant’s written exam is below 40% (each), the applicant can only be admitted to the Basic Medicine Course on the basis of his/her oral exam results, even if the oral exam results would allow admission to the first year.

    Applicants may achieve up to one hundred points for each subject and up to one hundred additional points for their language knowledge at the oral examination. The maximum score of the oral examination is 300 points. Minimum scores required to be admitted to the first year of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Programs or to the Basic Medicine Course are 260, 260, 230 and 150, respectively.